2010 District Concert MPA Programs

District and State Concert MPA Programs

Would you like some ideas for new repertoire? We have made available past District and State Concert MPA programs as a resource for orchestra teachers. Many of these listings are found in the FOA MPA Music List. Selections that are not on the FOA list were selected as the "Director's Choice" option for Concert MPA.

Concert MPA Programs beginning in 2010-2011

Use this link to view Concert MPA programs for the 2010-2011 school year and after. The link will take you to a page on the FMEA web site where you can select the district number and the school year for the program you would like to see. You can come back to myfoa.org by using the "back" button on your browser.

Concert MPA Programs for 2009-2010

District Two-Three

District Six

District Seven - MS

District Seven - HS

District Eight

District Nine

District Ten - MS

District Ten - HS

District Twelve - Friday

District Twelve - Saturday

District Thirteen/Fourteen

District Sixteen

District Seventeen

State Concert MPA Program