This page contains a variety of assessments, tests, rubrics and other materials. Materials are suitable for use in a variety of levels.

Assessment in the Instrumental Classroom Seminar notes on the subject of assessment in the orchestra classroom
Beginning Orchestra Test Basic music notation and instrument specific questions for beginning students.
Beginning Orchestra Test Designed for the use at the end of the beginning year of string studies
Bowing Test Bowing terminology for High School students (MS Word)
H.S. Orchestra Final Exam Part one of two. Focuses on the basic analyzation of a piece of music (pdf)
H.S. Orchestra Final Exam Part two of two. This section focus upon music theory. (MSWord)
Assessment Rubric For assessing an individual student musical performance
Assessment Rubric For assessing general individual student rehearsal classroom performance in a variety of categories
Instrument Position Check Points Assessment Assessment focuses on the left hand
Individual Performance Assessment Solo performance assessment
Individual Performance Assessment Another solo assessment
Instruments of the Orchestra Rubric For use at the end of an "Instruments of the Orchestra" unit (pdf)
Key Signature Exam Study Guide Handwritten study guide (pdf)
Key Signature Test (MS Word)
Holistic Rubric General/broad rubric for Middle School individual performance
One Octave Scale Quiz Written scale quiz, including clef, key signature and fingerings
Peer Evaluation Form Peer evaluation rubric and assessment chart
Individual Piece Assessment Non-graded assessment
"Thumbs Up" A "thumbs up" coupon for good effort, etc.
Vocabulary Study Guide A study guide for a music vocabulary quiz/test
Peer Evaluation for Shifting Peer evaluation rubric and assessment chart
Performance Evaluation Individual assessment form and rubric
Playing Feedback General assessment with feedback for improvement
Quick assessment form Simple grid for a quick assessment of students
Bowing/Tone Rubric Rubric and feedback form
Scale Pass-Off Form #1 Rubric and feedback form
Scale Pass-Off Form #2 Includes some elements not in the other form
Scale Exam Study Guide A study guide for a final exam performance of scales
Sound Production Quiz Tests the students on the fundamentals of sound production on a string instrument
Evaluation Rubric and Record Tracks an individual student's weekly assessments for a full year 
Performance Rubric Another rubric for performance assessment