Beginning Strings

Beginning Strings Resources

Sizing String Instuments Chart showing the various sizes of string instruments (PDF Document)
- Beginning Violin Stand Name Tag/Skill Chart
- Beginning Cello Stand Name Tag/Skill Chart
Name charts with Pass-Offs from Essential Elements Bk. 1
(MS Publisher Document)
String Instrument Tags Name tags for student instruments (MS Word)
Beginning String Student Supply List Recommended supply list for beginning string students (MS Word)
Beginning Orchestra Terms Basic music terms (MS Word)
Pencil Bow Checkpoints Evaluation tool for beginning students (MS Word)
Bowing to Produce Quality Sounds Ideas for teachers to help students improve their tone quality (MS Word)
Game Packet for Begining Strings Games which addressing specific string skills for beginning students (MS Word)
Fun and Games for Beginning Strings  More games for reinforcing specific skills (MS Word)
Care of Instrument Test  Use to check student's knowledge of basic instrument care (MS Word)