MPA Helps

 Recommended Literature

FOA Classification Rubric Rubric lists the elements of the various FOA Concert MPA levels (pdf)
Recommended Middle School Literature List A list of recommended literature for Middle School Orchestras (MSExcel)
String Quartet Literature Recommended String Quartet literature (MS Word)
FOA MPA Literature Lists MPA page containing the current literature lists for Concert and S&E MPA


MPA Sight-Reading Strategies Strategies to assist your students to sightread effectively (pdf)
Sight-Reading Guide Worksheet Companion to above for students (pdf)
Sight-Reading: Hope is Not an Instructional Strategy Another companion to the above (pdf)
Sight-Reading Instructions Written procedures a director gives to her students for the sight-reading room (pdf)
Music Vocabulary Graphic Organizer A check list for students to look for key elements in a new piece. (MSWord)
FOA MPA Procedures An excerpt from the FOA MPA Manual covering sight-reading procedures (pdf)
A Logical Approach to MPA - Mark Thielen (PDF) A stepwise approach to MPA preparation, practical, pedagogical, and musical

Rev. 10/2/17