Existing Adjudicator Training Application Information

The renewal process for adjudicators currently on the approved list will take place in September before the FOA Fall Conference at the Orlando Hilton. You will be able to register for one of two classes offered; September 26, 2018 from 9am-3pm, or 6pm-9pm finishing on Thursday from 9am-12pm (The registration form is available below).  Registration will close after the classes fill or on September 8, 2018, whichever comes first. 

There is room for 26 adjudicators in each class.  There will be no late registrations accepted, nor will walk in’s be permitted the day of our class.  This group of adjudicators will be trained on the new Adjudication Sheets approved by the membership at the September 2017 General Meeting.  These new sheets will roll out for the 2019 Concert MPA season. All adjudicators will be required to go through the training as stated below before being placed on the Approved List.

Adjudication approval process for the Florida Orchestra Association, Inc.

The process to continue as a Component Board Approved Adjudicator (CBAA) for the Florida Orchestra Association, Inc. has three/four steps that must be met satisfactorily before an adjudicator may remain on the new CBAA list.

  1. The candidate must meet the requirements set forth by the Association’s Board of Directors to begin the process for becoming approved. The following criteria must be met by the candidate:

    1. Currently teaching orchestra in the State of Florida, or retired from a school in the State of Florida
    2. Received 3 final ratings of superior in the last 5 years of teaching in Florida
    3. Has suggested membership in the Association
  2. The current approved candidates must attend an initial six (6) hour training class held in Orlando before the Fall Conference with our lead adjudicators covering the following:

    1. Philosophy of adjudicating for the Florida Orchestra Association, Inc.
    2. Expectations of an adjudicator for the Florida Orchestra Association, Inc
    3. Procedures for adjudicators at an MPA event
    4. Instrument being used by the adjudicator
    5. Choosing to communicate wisely
    6. Middle School/High School expectations
    7. String/Full Orchestra expectations
    8. Sight-reading expectations
    9. Importance of written and verbal comments
    10. All work done by candidates will be collected and reviewed by the Committee
  3. All written and recorded work from this training session will be reviewed by the Adjudication Committee.  Once that is completed, the candidate will either be placed on the new CBAA list, be asked to go on to step 4 for remediation, or not be granted CBAA status.

  4. If requested by the Adjudication Committee, the candidate must attend a designated MPA in your area of the State for a day with a Lead Adjudicator. Dates TBA.  No remuneration will be given to the candidate for their attendance. The following criteria must be met by the candidate:

    1. Attend the Pre-MPA adjudicator meeting (be early)
    2. Adjudicate performances throughout the day with each one followed up by a discussion with the Lead Adjudicator
    3. Turn in all adjudication sheets and recordings labeled with their name to the Lead Adjudicator

Use this form to register for the Existing Adjudicator Renewal training session. (PDF)