Virtual Learning Project

This Special Project has been commissioned to collect and distribute the incredible work FOA members have done as you have adapted to the virtual world. Our goal is to create a resource that not only shares the work of our talented orchestra directors, but also creates meaningful relationships through the sharing of ideas.

Here is what we need from you:

  1. Reflect on the work you have done in virtual learning and choose an element of your teaching that has been proven to be successful. We are not asking you to create something new, but instead to share with us something that has already worked with your students at a high level. Possible elements include:
    1. Highly effective and creative lesson plan
    2. Application on a smart device
    3. Website or digital resource
    4. Printed instructions or assignments
  2. Once you have chosen an element to share, please prepare your work in a format that we can share with the membership. You can send us:
    1. Video presentation in a .mov format. The video should be no more than ten minutes long.
    2. PDF document that describes your teaching element. The document should be no more than two pages long.
    3. Submit your contact information and materials to

As you brainstorm your contribution to this project, please consider the following:

  1. What did you do that worked at a very high level? Again, this is not the time to send us your best idea, but instead to send us your most successful teaching element in the virtual world.
  2. What platform did you use to execute this successful lesson? Something that worked on Google Classroom might not work on Microsoft Teams.
  3. What is the potential for this element to be used by as many programs as possible around the state of Florida? Do your best to avoid choosing something that might be restricted to your district or community.
  4. What category could your contribution be categorized under?
    1. Pedagogy and Instruction
    2. Logistics and Mechanics (ideas that made the process work better)
    3. Interpersonal (student engagement and motivation)
    4. Student Evaluation and Testing
    5. Web-based resource or Smart Device Application
    6. Platform for digital learning (SmartMusic, Google Classroom, etc.). This could include pros and cons!

Thank you for your time contributing to this important project. We are excited to see all of your submissions and to share your
incredible work with the membership.

Sarah Guarrine, FOA Mentoring Chair
Matt Davis, FOA President
Carol Griffin, FOA President-Elect
Jason Jerald, FOA Past President