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  • Support, promote and expand school orchestra programs throughout the State of Florida.
  • Provide support and training for members in teaching, leadership, and advocacy.
  • Empower members through mentoring and continuing education.

All-State Auditioned & Honors Orchestra Withdrawal Deadline

Please remember that the deadline to withdraw students from All State is  Wednesday, November 21, 2018 (Thanksgiving Eve). You must email the Executive Director (Donald Langland - exdirfoa@myfoa.org), the student's name, instrument, part (if violin) and the name of the group they are in. No reason for the withdraw is necessary if submitted by Nov. 21, 2018. 
Remember that if a student withdraws after the November 21, 2018 date a reason for the student's withdrawal must be provided. Then the full FOA Executive Board must then vote whether the absence is excused or unexcused. If the absence is deemed unexcused, then your school will be placed on a two year probation.

New FOA Adjudicator Training

Registration for the new adjudicator approval process will be open starting November 15th. There is room for 15 directors to register, registration will close after the class fills or on December 7th, whichever occurs first. No late registrations will be accepted, nor will there be any walk in’s on the day of the class. 

There is a description of the Adjudication Approval process on myfoa.org. Please use the link above to visit the webpage and carefully read the description. All new adjudicators will be required to go through the entire training process before being approved and placed on the Approved List.

If you desire to register for the new adjudicator class which will be held Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at the Tampa Convention Center in Room 7, go the myfoa.org and download the registration form. The pdf form is configured so you can fill it out on your computer, save it, and then print a copy to send along with payment for the class.

All-State Results Clarification

When viewing the results for the All-State and Honors Orchestras, please note that they do not delineate between first and second violin. Students and Directors will be notified which part students are playing once the music is received.

Please note that seating placement within each section will be determined by the auditions which are held the first day of rehearsals.

Update FOA Handbook

The FOA Handbook has been updated and is posted on the Handbook page. The contents of this edition are in effect immediately. Please take the time to become familiar with its contents and refer to it for all FOA events.

Fall Conference Seminar Notes

Notes from some of the seminars from the 2017 FOA/FLASTA Fall Conference are available by following this link.


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