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Google Drive

Many resources you need as a district chair will be available in a Shared Drive in your Google Workspaces account. Login to Google with your email address, go to Google Drive, and look under "Shared Folders."

District Officer's Manual

Revised 2018


Ordered through Bale/Herf Jones at 1-800-822-5350. Allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. 

District Solo & Ensemble Superior (Ordered by District Chairs)

  • Solo Superior: Blue Drape #5-1636
  • Solo Superior with Distinction: Blue/Gold Drape #5-2536
  • Ensemble Superior: Blue Drape #4-08476

District Concert MPA Superior (Ordered by District Chair)

  • Blue Drape #4-2317

State Concert MPA Superior (Ordered by Individual Schools)

  • Blue Drape #4-3615



Concert MPA Superior Rating Plaque Order Form